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Trekking Route To Valley Of Flowers Re Opened After 1970

Kunth Khal Hanuman Chatti Trek

Trek - Kunth Khal Hamunan Chatti

Altitude - 4500 meter
DistanceĀ  - 11 to 15 km
Trek Grade - Moderate level
Fix Roped require at last edge at rock area point 30 meter
Not easy for beginners level trekker
Guide is must for entire trek

The Nanda Devi National Park administrative team has decided to re open an alternate trekking route to theĀ valley of flowers. The Kunthkhal-Hanuman Chatti trekking route will again come back to life after being under a glacier since 1970. The 25 km long track cost about 1.5 crore to repair to make it usable for trekkers.

The new track takes about 17 hours on an average to complete. 11 km of this track is steep climb to an altitude of 4500 meters to Kunthkhal where trekkers can stay overnight. The remaining 14 km of the track is gentle slope that links to Hanuman Chatti at the Badrinath National Highway.

Old Valley of Flowers Trekking Route Kunth Khal Trek Reopens After 45 Years

After being closed for 45 years, a trek route near Valley of Flowers has finally been opened for adventure seekers to enjoy the view. The route is from Kunthkhal, which is in Valley of Flowers, to Hanuman Chatti. This stretch offers the marvelous view of glaciers, gorges and rivers, on the way.

The world famous Valley of Flowers or Bhyundar Valley was first discovered by the mountaineer Frank Smythe in 1931. The valley is about 12 km long & 2.5km wide. It is narrow U-shaped vale terraced with green spring growth & washed by narrow waterfalls. It rises from3658 mt. to 3962 mt. From Kuntakhal one comes down to Hanuman Chatti, 11 kms from Badrinath & 33kms from Joshimath. This trek is tough & adventurous.

 Short Trek route program for Valley of flowers kunthkhal trek Hanumanchatti trekking::




Gobindghat / 18 kms / Road and Gobindghat to Ghangaria / (3048 mt.) 16 kms. / Trek



Khuntakhal / (4425 mt.) 8 kms / Trek

One can spend an extra day at Khuntakhal, camping & exploring the valley of flowers. There are other trek routes from Valley of Flowers to Ghamsali via Bhyundar Pass (5090 mt.) & to Badrinath via Khulia Ghat, but prior permission is required.



Palsi Uddyar / (3225 mt.) 12 kms / Trek


Palsi Uddyar

Hanuman Chatti / (2548mt.) 8 kms. / Trek and Hanuman Chatti to Joshimath drive.

Tough trek at end part while crossing a rocky face  40 meter, rope fix and other necessary gear require to cross this point before reaching Hanuman chatti, Decender and fix rope. The trek is not fit for normal trekkers.

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