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Gangotri - Kedarnath Trek - Auden Col and Rudragaira Peak


Auden's Col trek from Gangotri to Kedarnath is a crown jewel in Indian Himalayas. Get complete details, photos, best time to trek and more details....

Duration: 12 Nights / 13 Days
Max Altitude: 4450 Mts
Best Time: April to June & Sep to Oct
Difficulty: Moderate Trek

Gangotri  -  Kedarnath Trek ::--> This trek is known as ancient route of Gangotri to Kedarnath. The Hindu devotees used this pilgrimage trail very regularly during the times when roads didn't exist and people used to visit all the four holy temples on foot. The Kedarnath shrine, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, The temple, built in the 8th century and dedicated to the goddess Shiva. This is a scenic spot situated, against the backdrop of the majestic Kedarnath range. Kedar is another name of Lord Shiva, the protector and the destroyer.

A Trekking Camp, Uttranchal From Belak to Budakedar, it is downhill through very dense forests full of birds and wild life. Then from Budakedar to Panwali Kantha, it is an uphill climb through terraced fields and picturesque villages.

Though this trek, along ridges and through valleys and dales, is tiring, it is worth it. The splendid panoramic view of the Garhwal Himalaya is magnificent and compensates for all the efforts of ascending and descending.

The 'Bugyal' (alpine meadows) on this trek are the most beautiful in Garhwal, especially the Kush-Kalyani and Panwali Bugyal. In the rainy season, the colourful flowers in the lush green meadows make the whole atmosphere fragrant and the environment romantic.

Trekking Program for Gangotri Kedarnath ;

Day 1 : Delhi - Rishikesh. Drive 6hours. Hotel

Day 2 : Rishikesh-Uttarkashi (150 Km, Drive 5-6 hrs): Start early morning to reach Uttarkashi (the base for trekking) in the evening. Check-in to hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3 : Uttarkashi-Mala-Belak (22 Kms. 15 Km of trek 6-7 hrs): After breakfast leave for Mala by road (1 hr). The trek starts. Climb to Belak at 2420 mts. Overnight at tent in Belak.

Day 4 : Journey from Belak to Budhakedar can be covered in 6 hours. After reaching here, one can pay a visit to the temple of Lord Shiva. The route passes through several other villages like Jhala and Pangrana. Budhakedar is located at an altitude of 1524 m above sea level. After spending night at one of the forest lounges, trekking is resumed the next day.

Day 5 : Baghi Chatti which is the next destination is a lovely meadow from where one can watch the picturesque backdrops of the hilly mountain ranges. The trek route takes one to the interior of forests and a number of villages like Benakhal.

Day 6 : The five hour trek from Baghi Chatti to Ghuttu is covered on a ridge trail. On the way, one can get the opportunity to visit a rabbit farm. Ghuttu is a village that is quite famous among the pilgrims.

Day 7 : Panwali Khanta which lies at a height of 3150 is a beautiful meadow that is covered on the Gangotri Kedarnath trekking path; it offers majestic views of many Himalayan peaks like Nandadevi, Kamet, Kedarnath, and Trishul. After an ascent to Khinkola, one has to travel down through a dense forest.

Day 8 : The journey takes one further to Triuginarain; it involves an initial path through a forest of Rhododendrons and then a series of ascending and descending paths over Panwali ridge. On the way, one gets a glimpse of a beautiful village called Maggu ki Chatti.

Day 9 : The final part of the journey is covered by trekking to Sonprayag and then to Gaurikund. Here begins one of the longest treks of the entire trek. The tourists have to cover a long distance of 14 kilometer in order to reach the final destination, Kedarnath. This arduous journey is marked with several eating joints. It takes five hours to reach Kedarnath. The famous Kedarnath Temple is the main attraction here and attracts a large number of devotees every year.

Day 10 : The next day can be spent visiting the major attractions of Kedarnath.

Day 11 : The return journey of Gangotri Kedarnath involves trekking back to Gaurikund and driving to Rudraprayag from there.

The trekking to Kedarnath offers excellent opportunities to the adventure-lovers to explore the mysteries of lofty Himalayas.

Day 12 : Rudraprayag to Rishikesh. Drive 6hours. Stay over here.

Day 13 : Drive to Delhi Airport.

Trip end up here.

The another Option for Gangotri trek to Kedarnath is ::-->> Gangotri - Auden Col - Vasuki Tal - Kedarnath Trek.

The tour program for Gangotri Kedarnath trek is ::-)

A trekking expedition to Auden`s Col at 5242 Mconnecting the pilgrim centers of Gangotri and Kedarnath in the Garhwal Himalayas. The COL is situated between the ridges of Gangotri III (6577m) and Jogin I (6465 m). The COL can be approached from Rudugaira glacier and descend through the ice falls and broken Khatling glacier. Auden's Col binds two glaciers on either side - Khatling glacier on the south and Jogin Glacier on the North. It was J B Auden, a famous British geologist, who explored the region in the year 1939 and hence it Auden`s Col.


Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Season: Mid May to Early October
Max. Altitude: 5430 Mtrs. / 17856 ft
Grade: Challenging Expedition
Experience: Use of technical equipment
Duration: 16 Days.

Destination Covered: Delhi – Rishikesh – Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Nala – Rudugaira – Col BC – Khatling glacier – Chowki – Masartal – Mayali Pass – Vasukital – Kedarnath – Rudrapryag -- haridwar -- Delhi

Auden's Col & Mayali Pass Trekking (Gangotri - Kedarnath Trek)

Auden’s col is discovered by J.B.Auden, a British Geographical Survey officer in the year of 1939 as a passage connecting Bhilangana Valley and Rudgaira valley. Every year the pass is crossed by adventurous trekkers and some of the trekkers reach to Kedarnath from Gangotri via this route. This is the most adventurous pilgrim trek in Garhwal and the trail covers the : Gangnorti, Nala Camp, Rudragairabase, Auden’s Col. Khatling Galcir, Masar Tal, Mayali Pass, Vasuki Tall and Kedarnath.

As per a legend, Pandawas were searching lord shiva to seek his blessing, to atone for the sins of committing fratricide during Mahabharata but the Shiva wanted to avoid them. Pandawas searched him in many places and reached in the Garhwal Himalayas. At one place Bhima saw a Bull grazing in the Himalayan meadow, He immediately recognized Shiva and ran towards him & caught his back but Shiva disappeared in the ground and his body parts reappeared in the five different areas, which are known as the Panch Kedar. Hump at kedarnath, Arms at Tungnath, Face at Rudranath, Navel at Madhymaheshwar & Hair at Kalpeshwar. Pandawas built the temples in these five places.

Kedarnath is one of 12 Jyotirlingas and is situated at 14 km. afoot distance from Gaurikund in the altitude of 3581 mts. Gaurikund is well connected to the other cities of India by road. Every year many pilgrims reach Kedarnath from this route, but some amateur trekkers reach Kedarnath from other trekking routes also. Some of the famous trekking routes are:
1. Ghuttu - Panwali kantha - TriyugiNarayan - Kedarnath
2. Ghuttu - Gangi - Masar Tal - Mayali Pass - Vasuki tal - Kedarnath
3. Ransi - Manani Bugyal - Kham Pass - Kedarnath
Some people also follow the Gangotri Kedarnath Terk via Auden's Col and Mayali Pass.


Trekking Program for Gangotri - Auden Col - Kedarnath Trek ::--->


Day 01 : Delhi-Uttarkashi-Kuflon (155 0m)
Arrive Hardwar by overnight / day train. Board waiting vehicles to be driven straight to Kuflon Basics in the Assi Ganga valley (7hrs). Breakfast enroute. Overnight Kuflon.

Day 02 : Kuflon-Gangotri (3042m)
After breakfast, we depart Kuflon for a 4 hr drive to Gangotri. This small town is centered around a temple of the goddess Ganga, and the impressive falls of the Bhagirathi at Gauri Kund. Gangotri was built by the Nepalese General, Amar Singh Thapa in the early 18th century. The aarti ceremony at the Gangotri is a must – see. Overnight Guest House at Gangotri (3050m).

Day 03 : Acclimatisation day in Gangotri (3050m)
We leave after an early meal and walk on the trail leading to the lake of Kedartal. The trail goes through birch forests and is steep all the way to the small campsite at Bhoj Kharak (3780m). Back to Gangotri late afternoon. Overnight Guest House at Gangotri (3050m).

Day 04 : Gangotri – Nalla Camp (3760m)
We have an early morning breakfast and wait for porter’s to arrive and distribute the loads amongst themselves. We set of on the true left of the Bhagirathi river and walk for about half an hour before we turn south towards the Rudragaira Nalla. Looking back we get beautiful views of Chirbas Parbat, Matri, Yogeshwar and the other snow capped mountains. The climb is a gradual uphill through the forests of birch and maple. Nalla Camp is just above the tree line and can get quite chilly during the night.
Overnight Nalla Camp (3760m)

Day 05 : Nalla Camp – Rudugaira Base Camp - Gangotri 1 Base Camp (4500m)
The day starts off with a steep climb to a huge meadow followed by a river crossing and another steep climb right up to the Rudragaira Base Camp. After lunch at the grassy campsite we continue over the glacial moraine to the Gangotri 1 Base Camp. Overnight Gangotri 1 Base Camp (4500m)

Day 06 : A day to acclimatise
A day to relax and acclimatise, read, relax, or take a short walk near camp, or try and spot some wildlife. Overnight Gangotri 1 Base Camp Camp (4500m)

Day 07 : Auden’s Col Base Camp (4800m)
We proceed towards the head of the valley with the Gangotri Range to the north and Jogin group to the south. Auden’s Col is at the head of the valley in the depression between the two massifs. We camp at the foot of the col. Overnight Auden’s Col Base Camp (4800m)


Day 08 :  Col ABC to Auden’s Col
After breakfast, keeping in mind the weather condition, proceed for Auden`s Col. Prepare your self with Ice Axe and Crampons for walk up the steep icy accent. Follow our guides to reach your destination. As weather is unpredictable and snow fall along with high wind speed is a cause of concern. On a clear day spectacular scenery of the Jogin Bhamak and surrounding peaks are a rewarding experience. The climb to the top is difficult and may have bottomless crevasses, knee high depth snow and the 70-80* incline. Auden's Col is characterized by the rock formations on either side known as "Rabbit's ears". Finally on top - view the Khatling Glacier on the other side. Climb down will take at least 2 hours and it may not be possible to venture out in the late evening. Follow your guide. they are always prepared for all kind of eventualities and odysseys in Himalayas.

Day 09 :  Auden’s Col to Khatling
Proceed towards Khatling Glacier. The trek envisage technical equipment and lots of deliberations for safety and security of all the hikers. The Khatling glacier also seen as the Hanging Glacier is one of the most arduous high altitude treks of Himalayan mountains.
The route may be altered keeping in mind the climatic and ground situation.

Day 10 :  Khatling to Waterfall
Trek along the glacier with utmost care as crevasses and moraine are expected enroute. By afternoon reach the place where steep ice fall on one side and a waterfall visible on the left side. Move towards the waterfall for overnight stay.

Day 11 : Waterfall to Chowki: 6-7 hrs.
The trek along the trail behind the first waterfall and negotiate the broken slanting rock. Fix rope may be required to proceed further. Move on to the glacier and trek down to the right of the glacier. Try to reach the trail next to the river. Arrive at a green meadows to camp for the night. the further end near to the water. Stay in tents.

Day 12 : Chowki-Masartal: 9 kms / 4-5 hrs.
Trek 9 km to Masartal with packed lunch. A High Altitude lake. The place is rich in Fauna. It's a small camping place Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 13 : Masartal - Vasukital: 15 km / 8-9 hrs
15 kms trek to Vasukital via Mayali Pass (5400mts) Panyatal and Teental with packed lunch. Dinner & overnight in camp. From here originates the Vasuki Ganga which mingles with the Mandakini at Sonprayag Dinner and overnight at Vasukital in camp.

Day 14 : Vasukital – Kedarnath: 8 km / 4-5 hrs
trek for 8 kms to reach Kedarnath with packed lunch. Dinner & overnight Kedarnath. Kedarnath Temple - magnificiant in its style and architecture constructed over one thousand years agois the abode of Lord Shiva and one of the famous Jyotirlinga. Halt at GMVN tourist Bunglaow.

Day 15 : Kedarnath – Gaurikund- Rudraprayag: 14 Kms / 6-7 hrs.
15 kms to Gaurikund with packed lunch. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati meditated here for a considerable time to win a consort in Lord Shiva,Gauri on another name of Parvati. Also a famous temple of Gauri is at Gaurikund. On arrival at Gauri Kund drive to Rudraprayag for overnight at GMVN tourist Bungalow.

Day 16 : Rudraprayag- Haridwar / Dehradun- Delhi
After an early breakfast drive to Haridwar / Dehradun to board Shatabdi Express for train to Delhi. Dinner on board.

Auden Col Trek - Option Three ::-  Khatling Glacier to Auden Col Trek

The Auden Col is situated on the connecting ridge of Gangotri III (6577m) and Jogin I (6465 m), we approach the col from Rudugaira glacier and descend through the ice falls and broken up Khatling glacier. Auden's Col is a mountain pass situated in the central Garhwal region. It connects the mountain peaks Jogin I (6465m) and Gangotri III (6580m) and is at a height of around 5242m. Auden's Col binds two glaciers on either side - Khatling glacier on the south and Jogin Glacier on the north. A little distance lower to Jogin Glacier is the Gangotri III glacial system. Auden's Col is approachable from Gangotri and one can trek up to Kedarnath following Auden's Col and Khatling glacier. Auden's Col gets its name from J B Auden, a famous British geologist. He first explored the region in the year 1939. Auden's Col is a less frequented trekking route in this region of the Himalaya compared to the Khatling Glacier.

Day 1:Rishikesh to Uttarkashi (6-7hrs.)
After breakfast, drive to Uttarkashi. Lunch enroute. On arrival check in at hotel.

Day 2 : Drive Uttarkashi to Gangotri (3048m), 3-4 hrs
After a relaxed breakfast drive 3-4 hrs to the pilgrim town of Gangotri. With the new dam coming up on the Bhagirathi valley, expect a lot of construction activity. The drive gets picturesque as one approaches the village of Sukhi. Closer to reaching Gangotri one starts getting the views of the snow-capped peaks. On arrival check in at hotel. In evening visit to the Famous Mother Ganges Temple. The temple to the Goddess Ganges built in the 18th century by a Gorkha General, stands dignified surrounded by the mountains and attracts thousands of pilgrims each year.

Day 3 : Acclimatisation Day at Gangotri ( 3048 mts)

Day 4:Trek Gangotri to Nala Camp, ( 3760 mts)
We will walk along the Rudugaira Ganga. Initially the trail climbs steeply in the jungle and then cross the river over a log bridge. Move with the river on our left. Cross a big waterfall coming from our right and camp at a suitable place. Overnight in tents. .

Day 5 : Trek Nala Camp to Rudragaira Base Camp(4100 mts)
Today is a steep climb of 200m. followed by gradually climbing trail which is again followed by another 300m. steep climb. We will keep moving ahead to the camping site. Overnight in tents.

Day 6 : Rest Day To Acclimatize at Rudragaira Base Camp.
After having good breakfast we will go for acclimatization walk in the morning. The walk goes along the ridge of the Rudragaira peak. From the top we can get a very clear view of the Jogin I, Gangotri I, II, III peaks and Auden’s Col. We return to the camp for lunch, dinner and over night stay.

Day 7: Trek Rudragaira Base Camp to Auden Col’s Base Camp,(4800 mts)
The trek starts early in the morning from Rudugaira Base Camp with packed breakfast. After a good walk of a few kilometers we are able to capture some magical moments of the Gangotri peaks. We will walk along the ridge of the Gangotri mountain and cross some rocky moraines and the Gangotri III glacier. This day trek consisted walking mainly along the steep ridges to reach the Col Base Camp by noon. Overnight Auden Col Base camp.

Day 8 :Trek Auden Col’s Base Camp to Khatling Glacier Camp(4900 mts) via Auden’s Col.( 5450 mts, 5/6 hrs )
Early morning trek to cross the Auden’s Col (5450m). Look for crevasses and walk roped up for safety. We will walk at the right side to reach the Col. The top has sufficient space. Move to Col’s left and we’ll see the steep gully going down to the glacier. Once on the glacier walk with care because the glacier is massive here. Move forward keeping in mind that we have to be near the left side of the glacier. On the right there are a lot of crevasses, so we can't move on that side. Camp at a suitable place. Overnight in tents.

Day 9 :- Trek Khatling Glacier Camp to Waterfall Camp, ( 4100 mts)
Keep moving along the glacier, be still alert for the crevasses and reach the moraine. By afternoon we will reach a place where is ice on the right with a steep fall and there is a waterfall visible on the left side. We will move towards the waterfall and camp just before it, next to a water source. Overnight in tents. -

Day 10 : Trek Waterfall Camp to Chowki, ( 3400 mts)
The walk today involves moving along the trail behind the first waterfall and then negotiating the broken slanting rock with all the care they deserve, fixed by a rope. After that we will cross the second waterfall also with care using a rope. Keep moving down at the right side of the glacier. Crossover to the other side before water starts from the glacier. Move down with the intention to reach the trail next to the river. Keep moving and cross the huge boulder section. In the distance we will see a raised green section, aim for that and at the end we will camp near to the water. Overnight in tents.

Day 11 : Trek Chowki to Kharsoli, (2880 mts)
Move slowly as in the initial stage the trail may not be that clear. After that we will be on a good enough trail. We will keep moving with the river flowing on our left. The trail moves into a deep jungle and finally we reach a big stream coming from our right. Cross it over a log bridge and we will see a small temple. Camp here for the day.

Day 12 : Trek Kharsoli to Gangi, (2650 mts)
The trail is well marked and there is no problem following it. At one place the wider trail moves up. Follow this trail and move along it, in dense jungle for 45 minutes. Which will bring us to Kalyani, from here we get good views of the kush kalyani bugyal. Rest a while and then take the trail moving towards the left (where the river flows). Moving along the trail we will pass a small village and by evening we will be at the village of Gangi.

Day 13 : Trek Gangi to Ghuttu, ( 1550 mts)
The trail is a good one. Easy walking towards the Ghuttu. By late afternoon we will reach Ghuttu. Check in at rest house.

Day 14 : Drive Ghuttu to Rishikesh 8 hrs.
After breakfast drive to Rishikesh. Lunch enroute. On arrival check in at hotel. Trip Ends.

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